Twitch Is Accused Of Ignoring Security Concerns

Twitch was recently hacked, and it could potentially be one of the biggest hacks ever perpetrated on an online company, with the sites whole source code reportedly being taken, but former employees are now saying that this could have been prevented, if Twitch didn’t ignore previous security concerns constantly.

The news comes from website The Verge, who spoke to former employees, with sources discussing how management would be slow to respond to any moderation failures such as the hate raids, and that Twitch has allegedly failed to report security breaches before, with one source referencing a breach in 2017 that the public was never made aware of.

“The source characterizes Twitch as a place foremost concerned with the bottom line, If it wasn’t generating revenue, then it wasn’t valued as highly.” writes The Verge.

Not only do sources say that Twitch regularly ignored security concerns, but that there are still avenues that could be attacked and remain security concerns. Twitch is working to fix the breach now, so hopefully those concerns are finally dealt with.

It is however incredibly disconcerting to even hear that Twitch allegedly ignored the signs that could have prevented this, and if its proven they did ignore the signs, the seemingly continued lack of concern Twitch has for its users could very well be its downfall.

Source – [The Verge]

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